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Intercompany sto process in sap pdf

To manage a complex business, often corporates incorporate multiple legal entities. Each legal entity could be a separate company code in SAP organization structure. These company codes could be establishments in different geographies, countries or could be related parties or affiliates operating at different levels of integration of supply chain to give some examples.

Many inter-company transactions may occur between difference entities company codes and SAP implementation should support such transactions and valuations. This is a high-level document that shows some cross company and inter-company postings. The document is not describing detailed configuration behind these transactions or any valuations such as transfer pricing. Cross-company code transaction viewed from transaction code FBU3 is an accounting entry involving more than one company code.

In the example shown below, company code is posting a vendor invoice for an expense incurred in company code In the accounting entry, there is a debit to expense account ina credit to vendor in and offsetting items inter-company vendor and customer accounts respectively. In this process, a purchase order on a vendor is opened assigning cost center of another entity in the account assignment segment.

In example shown, purchase order is in company code and the assigned cost center belongs to company code other cost objects such as orders can also be used.

The goods receipt posted against the purchase order creates expense in but liability to pay vendor in The offsetting line items from inter-company clearing create a payable in and a receivable in In this transaction, a company code makes payment for an invoice open item posted in a different company code.

In example shown below, company code selects a vendor open item from company code to post payment. A cross company code accounting document is posted to clear vendor open item inbank outgoing in and inter-company payable and receivable in and respectively. F transaction is used for simplicity. Stock Transport Order STO is a type of purchase order document that posts goods movements in sending and receiving plants while also accounting for receivables and payables in their respective company codes.

The process requires configuration of stock transport orders, inter-company pricing and billing. Some important definitions in configuration are:. First is inter-company AR posted in sending entity. Second is inter-company AP invoice posted in receiving entity with I-doc output type. A production or process order in this process uses a work center assigned to a cost center of another company code of the same group.

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It indicates some resource sharing between affiliate companies. On posting confirmation and consumption of inputs, the resulting accounting document shows inter-company receivable and payable in respective entities. An example is shown below. Cross-company sales order involves three parties — end customer, selling entity and order fulfilling entity. A customer places order the fulfilment of which takes place from an affiliate company.

In order based billing scenario, customer billing takes place on receipt of order. Subsequently, supply chain can allocate the products ordered from own plant or from plant of an affiliate.

In cases where affiliate fulfils the order, it triggers cross-company scenario. The pricing on sales order now shows another pricing condition type for inter-company pricing. Inter-company billing is delivery based and triggered only if cross-company order fulfilment takes place.

The billing against delivery creates inter-company AR billing and the output type assigned creates an I-doc to post inter-company AP invoice. The internal customer for AR billing is assigned to sales organization in configuration.

SAP MM Training - Stock Transfer and Transfer Posting (Video 27) - SAP MM Material Management

There is kind of overlap in the STO and cross-company sales configuration.Automatic posting to vendor account is done by EDI. This process requires several steps: 1. Creating a Customer to represent the receiving Company.

Creating a Vendor to represent the supplying company. Creating a Port 4. Maintain an Output Type 5. Creating a Logical Address 6. The relevant MM customizing is maintained. The relevant FI customizing is maintained. Note: The customer has been created in the supplying company code.

The Vendor is created with the standard transaction XK Note: The Vendor is created in the receiving Company Code.

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The organizational data in this case is the same as above. A dialog box will open asking whether you want the system to generate an automatic name or whether you wish to use your own name.

Port name: Automatically generated Version: 4. Assign Output Determination Procedures. Code VV Logical address P is made of the supplying Company Code and the receiving Customer P Note: If the receiving Customer is a numeric number you must add zeros between the Company code and Customer number so the Logical Address will be 14 digits.

In our case the customer is an alpha numeric number so the second line was not necessary. It was created just for this documentation and was not saved.

The Logical address is completed when the receiving Company Code and the Vendor are entered in the detail screen. Code WE Customer: Put cursor on Partner type KU and press create. Press in outbound parameters.As per the Model GST draft law, stock transfers across states or different registrations within the same state are GST relevant transactions.

These processes must have a GST Invoice. This document provides information about creation of Info record, capturing GSTIN in vendor master and customer master, creation of new billing document type, setting up pricing procedure for STO, copy control, classification of conditions types, maintenance of business place wise GL determination. You may create document with any other name. Maintain the entries of same dummy GL in OB40 for all the tax codes which has been used above.

For the tax codes that are created for GST, maintain condition record for atleast one condition from tax procedure with 0 rate and key combination "Tax Classification" A table. This is required to make the tax code active for the tax procedure.

We have millions of materials SKUs and hundreds of stores Plants. This relationship info record is mantained at purchase org level in Retail solution. This configuration is stopping us to use the process for multi-plant sender having common vendor receiver. Browse pages. A t tachments 10 Page History. Jira links.

Intercompany STO Process

For information about stock transport orders with delivery, see Note You must create a vendor master record for the purchasing organization of the receiving plant. You must assign the supplying plant to the vendor master record. You must assign a customer master record to the receiving plant. You require a customer master record for the receiving plant. This customer master record must be created for the organizational units of the supplying plant. Execute transaction code VOFA.Purchasing: Company Code, Plant:Sto.

Loc:Purchase Organization:. Loc:Sales Area, 66, 66, Shipping Point Org Here Maintain the supplying plant so that it is linked to the vendor master. Note: A Plant can only be assigned to one vendor number.

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So we have to extend the same vendor number to different Pur. Org if required. Ch Norm Standard Item. Note: If You are not able to see tax condition types or not maintaining any tax indicators then it is not possible to Create a delivery against STO. Same applies to Customer Master in Step2. Loc with below selected views.

intercompany sto process in sap pdf

B — SD Delivery Standard. Otherwise Goods Receipt have to be carried out in another step. It depends on Partial deliveries allowed or not. Then the remaining quantity will not be shown as open in requirements.

Make sure You have sufficient stock in issuing storage location of supplying plant. Note: If you are using one step procedure the enter the receiving storage location Here Observe the shipping tab with the above details as shown.

Here first of all SAP checks for any plant assigned in vendor Master. Create condition record for output tax condition type in Trasaction VKSeveral company codes are involved in a cross-company code transaction. In a cross-company code transaction, the system posts a separate document with its own document number in each of the company codes.

Individual documents are linked by a common cross-company code number. The system generates line items automatically receivables and payables arising between company codes in order to balance the debits and credits in each document.

intercompany sto process in sap pdf

At times one company code makes purchases on behalf of another company code or makes payment on behalf of another company code. This needs entries to be passed in both company codes. If cross company code settings are done, entry in one company code would generate the entry in the other company code also.

In this example, we have already two company codes and in country USA. Via Menus. Via Transaction Code. Other Cross Company transactions i. Is there a way to copy an intercompany entry that will copy both sides of the entry — not just the intercompany account.

Thank you for the informative inter-company document. From a CO perspective could you explain the approach that is used to derive the Profit center for the Invoice Scenario that you described? Is partner profit center used? Substitution, CO derivation? Which is the best solution? How is this handled? Hi Check last F transaction wrong, because after outgoing payment those entries need to be cleared that means debit and credit should be same.

Former Member. Posted on May 4, 3 minute read. Follow RSS feed Like. Select Simulate and then Save Click on Continue. Cross Company code document is posted.

Hope this document helps Best RegardsVenkat Emani. Alert Moderator. Assigned tags. Related Blog Posts.

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Related Questions. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. May 25, at pm. Dear Venkat, Is there a way to copy an intercompany entry that will copy both sides of the entry — not just the intercompany account. Like 0.Very nice post. A sales team must be able to keep up the spirit. It is equal to the spirit of athletes. Even if the situations are most unfavourable, they keep on trying. This must be the mentality of sales team.

KONA is also inculcating such a competitive spirit in the minds of employees.

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Inter-company STO with SD Delivery, Billing & LIV

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intercompany sto process in sap pdf

Joint he team and gain friends. Hello, What is the return process in this set up? Does SAP support returns to be taken back into the swapped plant?

Hey nice blog Thank you for providing useful post about Inter Company Sales Process and its giving best info for the students about Configuration part of Inter Company Sales Process. About Me sapsdhelpcentre View my complete profile. The customer comes and places order in Sales Organization Plant does not have the material. Hence a sales order is placed in the Sales Area: The delivering plant is mentioned as After the order is saved, Plant delivers the goods to the customer and makes an inter-company bill to Sales Organization And the customer is billed normally by the Company The configuration part is mentioned as follows:.Stock transfer between two plants in different company codes is known as inter company stock transfer.

Create a vendor for the company code of receiving plant, using account group: using T-Code XK Assign this vendor to Delivering plant.

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In pricing procedure determination relevant to STO, assign document Pricing Procedure and customer pricing procedure appropriate for STO to get the pricing in the invoice. Assign the delivery type to document type.

Assign the document type NB to supplying plant and receiving plant. Create Delivery: VL10G. If possible could you please help, Somewhat this is Urgent.

SAP S/4 Hana – Cross Company and Inter-Company Transactions

Browse pages. A t tachments 0 Page History. Jira links. Purpose The purpose of this document is to introduce the steps to map inter-company STO. Overview Stock transfer between two plants in different company codes is known as inter company stock transfer. Material should be maintained in both supplying and receiving plant MM01 2. Stock should maintain only in supplying plant MB1C 3. Create receiving plant as a customer in supplying plants company code and sales area XD01 4. Assign this customer number in receiving plant details OMGN 5.

Assign supplying sales area in supplying plant details OMGN 6. Steps 1. Create internal customer with the sales area of the vendor. Go To XD01 4. Maintain condition records for the relevant pricing condition. Assign the document type NB to supplying plant and receiving plant Vijay Mittal.

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